Own a portfolio of renewable energy projects

Earn Periodic Returns and participate in greener tomorrow


Renewable Energy Assets such as a Solar Plant and Windmill are great investment opportunity making stable returns over long period of time. These assets costs a large amount of capital upfront to own. This makes it inaccessible for most persons. The Renewshare platform offers an opportunity to like-minded persons to collaborate together to own a share of these Renewable Energy assets and make periodic returns. You can finally save the environment while making money.


Renewshare offers a platform where multiple portfolios of renewable energy assets are enlisted for persons to choose from. One can choose to invest in one or more portfolios based on their preferences. Multiple persons can invest together to own one or multiple portfolios. Each person owns a part of the portfolio on the basis of the amount invested by them. The profits from the renewable energy assets are distributed periodically to each person on the basis of their ownership of that portfolio.


RenewShare is an aggregrator that enables multiple people to come together to invest into one or multiple portfolios of Renewable Energy Assets
Detailed Analysis

All renewable energy assets go through a thorough due-diligence process

Diversified portfolio

Your investment gets invested into multiple renewable energy assets selling power to multiple consumers

Complete Transparency

Monitor performance of your assets real time and easy access to all legal , finance , operational documents

Skin in the Game

Anchor investors invest atleast 10% of total investment amount

Why Invest In

Proven Technology

The technology is proven and these machines have a minimum asset life of 25 years. In India, we have windmills that were built in 1980s and are still operational

Stable Monthly Returns

Assets generate consistent revenues on monthly basis

Long term power sale contracts

Assets sell power under long term contracts to its consumers

Easy to Monitor

Owners can easily monitor performance of these assets on real time basis. Assets are under maintenance contracts

Impact Investment

Finally, one can make money and also save the environment for our future generations

with Existing Investment Options

Investment Amount
₹ 20 Lac
IRR Repayment Liquidity Env. Impact Total Payout Over Tenure
Renewshare SPV 10-14% Bi-Annually Low Yes ₹ 40 - 48 Lacs
Fixed Deposit 5.50% Monthly High No ₹ 31 Lacs
A+ Grade Corporate Bond 9.20% Bi-Annually Medium No ₹ 38.40 Lacs
NIFTY 500 Index 15.10% End-of-Life High No ₹ 50.20 Lacs
Note : 10 Year Horizon Taken


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